Closing Video for Klasikal PCPM (1)

Mid November, Topani said to me that he wanted to create a video based on PCPM 30 photos. Said it’s a good idea – and since there will be a “closing event” of klasikal – I told him that it will be played in that event.

Days rolls and Topani said he needed my help in sorting the photos and concepting the video. At the end we shared responsibilities, this video was fully created by myself (with Topani’s approval of cours) while Topani create another closing video about leaving klasikal.

I sorted out more than 18 GB photos – probably around 10.000 photos. Retouch them one by one — since I have no skill in photo editing, I edit them by trial and error to get the best effect that will convey the emotion.

About the background music, Ingatlah by Monita, I already like this song years ago. The lyrics talk about remembering “us” that has parted. Moreover, simple accoustic and bit jazzy arrangement will made you feel touched without being sad. When I gave this song a try with sample movements of the photos, the closing event (we called it “Inauguration”) committee said it’s good.

After more than 100 hours clean in sorting, re-touch the photo, arrange the movement and planning the cut, the video was done.

I didn’t expect anything when I create the video. For me, when Topani trust me to create this video by myself, it’s already a gift. A gift for me to present, to convey, how I love my fellows in PCPM XXX. Hence, when this video was played at the end of inauguration and received a very big and loud applause, I was trembling.

It was worth it. I put all my emotion about parting with PCPM XXX (there will be no more event that will unite us again at the same place and time), who has been with me for 3 months straight. It feels like having another family — very cohesive, always share and care, with each of them are unique and brilliant. I could not tangle any more words, what I can say is just “Thank you”.

I hope that they got the meaning, and the feeling that I felt when I create it.

*There’s also 2nd video which was edited by Topani and taken by Krisna. That video is also amazing that I’d like to share the stories behind it, in another post 🙂

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