Back to XBRL

Starting this year, we, PCPM 30 are scattered to departments in HQ and BI local representatives for On Job Training. The OJT Placement were announced on 2012 last working day. To my surprise, me, Tice, and Ayu were placed in Yogyakarta – 2nd class BI local rep.

I was so sure to be placed in HQ, and with my previous job in DPSI, at least I could go back to XBRL. That’s one of the reason for me, stubbornly rent room in Kampung Bali while for the last three months had to go to Kemang everyday. I was half grateful, half sad. Grateful for being granted an experience other than DPSI and HQ those I know quite well, but sad because I have to leave my comfort zone – friends and XBRL in Jakarta. It was set that our departure to local rep offices was on Jan 7th. Before that day, we were placed at HQ for preparation.

I told my ex-coworkers in DPSI about my OJT placement, with sad expression. They felt sorry. Even Pak Eddy, the director, told me “Perhaps the higher up dislike you,” with a poker face I could not guess.

Jan 3rd, when we were already on separate building between those who stay in HQ and will go to local rep office, Hesti suddenly hissed at me, “Laras, you’re going to local rep office?”

It was a question, as long as I remember. I didn’t understand her so I ask her to text. She gave me her blackberry with ongoing BBM conversation, written by another friend who’s in HQ group, “Laras and Tice to HQ.”

I pay no attention. The sudden news was too weird. Before that day, indeed there was a change in OJT placement involving 4 people. Their placement were exchanged so each of their OJT place was the same with their domicile. We – including me – were quite angry for how soft was DSDM. And if that time I were to be exchanged again, I’d feel so unease to the others too.

In 10 minutes, one of DSDM guy rushed in to our room with Royes beside him, said “Kartika and Laras, grab your bag, you’re going to HQ”. There’s no explanation, but I can tell that Royes who’s supposed to be placed in DPSI (HQ) was exchanged for me or Tice. The class were so silent I think they could hear me ask “Royes, where are you going?” and he answered “Yogya”. I left the room without backward glance, I was too confused.

As expected, we were requested by DPSI to be back. Why the request was late, I never know. Royes and Rizza were called to be exchanged with our placement. Since Rizza have certain circumstances, Ari volunteered to replace Rizza. I couldn’t say I was happy that time. My biggest concern was for those who have no oppurtunity in exchanging their placement.

Hours passed and I tried to accept the decision. At the end, me, Tice, Ias, Krisna, Andra, and Rizza are going to have OJT in DPSI for 4 months. I finally can enter SKMI – ex SAMI, my previous “administered” team although never officially involved in it’s day to day operation – while Tice is placed in PPA LS – ex PPMI. These two teams are closely related so I will switch division with Tice after 2 months. We are being focused to LSMK (Financial stability and moneteray report) data dictionary building.

The official day of my OJT started today. Three months leaving XBRL is enough to wipe more than 80% of my tacit knowledge in XBRL. I still remember the basics, but I already forgot most of the terms and … upon seeing the taxonomy architecture I created, I forget why did I choose certain elements. So today I spent my time on meetings and refresh my XBRL knowledge, shame 😛

But my 3 months absence were exchanged with another business knowledge I got from klasikal. Now I can see a piece of information broader and somehow I can imagine blur strings connecting one information with another. It is fun I’m confused where to start…

I’m so happy to be back. To my old, my first, my lovely coworkers of exUkmi and now DPSI, and XBRL. Hope things will go well. For me, and for all thirtiers wherever they are.


2 thoughts on “Back to XBRL

  1. nadiafriza says:

    *eyes rolling when I read the abbreviations*
    But glad to know that you’re staying in Jakarta ras. getting what we want exactly as the way it is indeed one of the best feeling in life. 🙂

  2. meongijo says:

    Hahaha.. it’s getting popular now in IT related field.
    But if you’re referring to a lot of abbreviations that I used in the post, believe me, everything in Bank Indonesia is abbreviated. All of us new employee is always being confused with those abbreviations.

    Thanks nad, indeed I’m really happy right now 🙂

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