Stressed Out

I have to admit that I’m stressed out.

I always had my schedule full 7 days a week, barely 18 hours a day. I don’t think I get proper sleep. Every Friday I went to Bandung in cold shuttle car. For the weekend I went around Bandung to wedding vendors and often argue with Mum or Yozzi about the decision.

In the weekday, my work’s piling up. My stamina dropped and I got sick again but fortunately, it didn’t get much worse in the next day. After that, I tried to rearrange my working time. I came at 8 AM. Lunch at 12. Functionally working again at 1 PM but then I’m gone to mushola for another half an hour. I tried to get home earlier before 7 PM. I think that’s better because previously, I had to work from 7 AM – 8 PM with very limited break time I never went lunch outside. Thank God my head division in the last one month, who’s new, doesn’t put too much attention so I could relax my mind a bit.

But still, even after job distribution rearrangement in my division, I got more work than before. Now I really regret why I didn’t say no, and why I didn’t constrained myself from offering myself to help another job.

In the last 1 month I always eat sate padang in two dinner times a week. I never skipped dinner also. And I do that while I should be on diet. Want more? I got two HUGE pimples in my chin, 2 or 3 coming out, and lots of small acnes I never had before.

And I tell you what, I DON’T CARE.

Well, I lied. I do care. That’s why I’m stressed out. I don’t have much leisure time so I order myself to eat more, just to feel content in the end. I have no escape plan now that I only have food as the only solution.  This acne problem is not also helping. So it’s just like a devil’s circle.

What should i do.. what should i do..


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