Wedding of Laras & Yozzi

Wedding of Laras & Yozzi

Done! Saturday, April 19th 2014 at Graha Manggala Siliwangi Bandung.
It was… superb… We were very happy to know that there were tons of people who came and give us blessings. There were more to who wished to come but due to many circumstances, one of them was heavy traffic outside our venue, they couldn’t come but we’d still be glad to receive their wishes and blessings, sent through the air and days after.
Really, we were and we are happy to our bones we couldn’t stop smiling and laughing through our big days. Thank you… thank you… wish all of you are blessed too.

Thank you for our wedding vendors!
Venue: Graha Manggala Siliwangi
Catering: Rumah Pengantin by Misye Sasongko
Decoration: Xti Design
Wedding dresses & bridal make up artist: Sanggar Lia
Photography: Impresi
Souvenir: Fine Souvenir
Photo Booth: Kameko
Wedding Organizer: Affectio
Wedding Entertainment: Alto
Traditional rites MC: Bude Rusdi (Rumah Pengantin)
KUA Arcamanik

And for all family, friends, and colleagues who had helped us through the preparations, and also our guests, thank you *hugs and kisses*!


One thought on “Wedding of Laras & Yozzi

  1. qo cuman 1 sih gambar nya 😦

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