1 Year After Marriage

Been married for one year. Of course there are changes in my life, like..

No more hair fall

Remember my post about my extreme hair fall right before my marriage? A few days after my marriage, I started to notice that there was no hair fall, at all. Even when my hair got pinched by Yozzi’s hair every time we sleep, surprisingly not a single strand pulled out. Still I got no clue whether it was all because my stress, my previous high fever (they said physical stress is the cause of hair fall, not the psychological one), or that suspicious hair salon’s cream bath.

Almost no acne popped out

This was also the most surprising one. Previously, my face was like a land mine. Stick a finger on any area of my face and the next morning there will be a blast of acne. Now, with Yozzi’s acclaiming every inch of my body that he always kiss me anywhere in my face, never a pimple come out. I could even have very dirty activities a day, forgot to clean my face at night, but my face will still be clean. Hormones? YES! So for those who has acne problem, get married.

New stress to deal everyday

But it doesn’t mean that I’m always happy. Oh well, I am happy but every morning and night I got to deal with the commuter train. Most of the time it’s so full you can’t move any limb (and oh yeah, for short person like me in mixed car, my face usually got pressed to a man’s back, or worse, armpit) and at night it always move slowly due to queuing. At least I got no acne, and that’s going fine for me.

Lower cell phone bill

My cell phone bill was dominated by outgoing call to Yozzi which could take up to half an hour. Now that we live together I don’t have to call for him like I used to be. And the positive side is, less billed amount. Yeah!

Harder Work Life Balance

Maybe it’s because longer commuting time (and more tiring), or because of new responsibility as a wife? Well, I can always choose to neglect my duty as a wife and spend longer time in the office. But my heart says, oke there’s your husband waiting at home, hungry and tired. Don’t you miss him? Yea so I tried to go home earlier than my single-woman-life before. Nevertheless, for me it’s quite hard to increase my productivity in the office due to my own capacity (this explains why I always come home late before married).

I need more practice on this thing, as I am now…

Thirty Seven Weeks Pregnant

God bless, who can predict that in one year, I will be expecting a new member in the family. A new responsibility, even before she was born. Our (not so that planned) overseas honeymoon has to be postponed to dunno when. Even a 3 day trip to Bali had to be enjoyed with full bed rest due to cold in first month of pregnancy.

A lot of people truly care about my pregnancy, so it feels good to be cared. Priority service, took more naps in the office, etc, combined with no nausea or vomit all day – being pregnant feels great. However, as I am basically too independent and way too self-centered, sometimes those attention irritate me. I got angry easily especially to Yozzi as he tried to put more attention to me and the baby. Ah.. Human. Never once feel satisfied.

Will write more about my pregnancy in later post.


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