About That Hitch

Yay. Me time. In this particular me time, I turned on the TV. Search for good movies and there’s Hitch – a 2005 drama comedy movie starred by Will Smith and Eva Mendes.

I’ve watched this movie quite a few times. But I don’t know why that this time, I watched it in full detail. About how great the acting was – it’s so natural. Anyway, I’m not a movie critic so my judgement about Will Smith and Eva Mendes act is totally subjective. It’s just fun to see small gestures Sara gave to Hitch when he (tried to) confess…

And so many Hitch expressions.

He reminds me of someone.



Why do I bother to write this? Consider this as a stretch. It’s so hard for me to find time to write (despite many memos I’ve written in the office). Today, I went to a talk show in my office. The guests are my office employee who had written book(s), one of them even paint regularly and fund his social activities through his paintings. The only question in my mind (and my coworker’s), is how do they manage their time to do office job and write (and paint and do social activities)?

He just answered “work life balance”. But what do I got from his explanation, to do more, you have to sacrifice more. He painted at 2 AM if he got the idea and he had to do it that time. It means less sleep time, right?

So here I am. Writes. I’d like to do this more often. Maybe starts with something small. Like this piece 😛

*Hitch movie poster taken from wikipedia


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